UCAP Bunker

Indoor skirmish site in South East

The UCAP BUNKER is based just 2 miles north of Portsmouth, 100ft underground in the former U.G.H.Q (Underground HQ) used by the Royal Navy to plot the progress of the allied troops during the invasion of Normandy on D-Day. This unique location provides some of the finest facilities for Airsoft close quarter battle (C.Q.B) in the UK, so good the military borrow it off us to train in! With over a mile and a half of useable tunnels, rooms and corridors as wide as streets, UCAP BUNKER is the premier all weather 365/7/24 Airsoft site and the largest of its kind in the UK. An atmospherically lit maze with the possibility of danger round every corner, if you want a rush, this is it! Words and pictures can’t convey the sheer size of the complex, the first word we get from new players is “blimey it’s massive”. The most fun you can have in the dark without taking your clothes off!

General information

Biodegradable ammunition is required

Use of non-biodegradable ammunition is prohibited at this location.

UKARA registration available

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What this site offers

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