How it works

What are the criteria to be listed on PlayAirsoft?

To be listed on PlayAirsoft each site/venue must meet the following criteria:

  • must be open to general public on a regularly scheduled basis
  • must have an official name
  • must have an official address as a single and permanent location
  • must run games for at least 12 weeks of the year at a single and permanent location
  • must be currently open or taking reservations for a future opening date
  • must have an active public email address for enquiries
  • must have a valid insurance

How to submit my site to PlayAirsoft?

  1. Ensure that your site meets the above criteria
  2. Fill in the site submission form
  3. We’ll pick up your submission, verify it and once we’ve got the information required for it to be listed, we’ll add it to the website.

Verification is a manual process and can take anywhere between 24hrs to a few weeks, depending on the amount of information provided. The more we have to add ourselves, the longer it’s going to take for a site to be listed.

We encourage people to add as much information as they can before submitting.

Does PlayAirsoft own any listed sites/venues?

PlayAirsoft does not own or operate any of the sites or venues listed on its website.

Does PlayAirsoft get compensated for listing sites/venues?

All sites and venues are listed on PlayAirsoft for free. Where prices are provided on individual listings, these have been either provided by the host, or sourced from official event pages, and are displayed as an indication only, unless stated otherwise.

PlayAirsoft does not accept any compensation that could influence the rankings of any sites or venues listed for a given user search.