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PlayAirsoft Winter Update

With days getting brighter and longer, we’ve been busy behind the scenes working on improving the website and adding new features. It’s all about how you get to the game.

We’ve got 150 UK airsoft sites listed

And we’re not done yet! There are plenty more which we don’t know about, and our waiting list is open for submissions. If you spotted a missing site, get the ball rolling and send us some intel.

We’ve got 150 UK airsoft sites listed

Airsoft Site of the Year

Maybe a bit prematurely, but we decided it was time to celebrate airsoft by letting you pick your favourite shooting spot. The response was fantastic given barely anyone knew about the contest, including the top three sites!

Airsoft Site of the Year

1,000+ monthly visits and new logo

In January we’ve reached another milestone: 1,000+ unique monthly visitors. While we’d like to pretend changing a logo was the result, we’d be lying. We’ve decided to work a little more on the visuals, to make them more “airsoft-y.” Whether you like it or you don’t, let us know what you think.

More browsing filters and info sections

Our Sites section got region-based filtering and individual location pages received a facelift, adding info sections about pyros and bio-ammo, as well as links to Google Maps and Apple Maps for each site.

Location photos (finally!)

You may have also noticed that a handful of locations now have photos. We will be slowly rolling out the new layout to all sites that we receive good quality photos for, so if you’re a site owner, send us a quick email about it!

Location photos

What’s next?

We’re slowly pushing the limits of our current platform, and some players started asking for more interactive features, such as site check-ins, short lists, favourites, schedule, etc.

Over the next few weeks we’ll be evaluating some of these ideas and gathering more insight from the players and site owners, to inform the next phase of this project.

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