PlayAirsoft Platform Update — Summer 2024

With the summer season in full swing, we bring you a few minor changes to the service, starting with one of the most requested features: FPS to Joules converter/calculator.

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FPS to Joule converter/calculator

This handy tool allows players to easily convert their gun's speed measurements from feet per second (FPS) to joules, making it simpler to comply with site regulations and ensuring fair play. By understanding the precise energy output of your airsoft gun, you can now better adapt your equipment for site rules and gameplay conditions.

FPS to Joule converter/calculator

New locations (now 200+)

Despite having likely the largest catalogue of airsoft sites in the UK, there are still plenty of undiscovered places, and some of you have been generous enough to share them with us using our suggest location form. This has officially put the number above 200, so big thank you for finding those new places.

Whats next

We're trying to enjoy a bit of downtime over the summer, as we're slowly preparing to join the party at the National Airsoft Festival 2024, but we're going to pick up the pace in the coming weeks and start rolling out improvements to our service.

In the meantime, if you have feedback for us, get in touch via email: See you in the next one!