PlayAirsoft Autumn Update

This is probably the biggest update we’ve done so far. It’s packed with bug fixes, features such as site filters and improvements to your overall browsing experience.

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Sites browser with filters

Having a map to tell you where a particular airsoft site is located isn’t everything. Sometimes you may want to be more specific about your search. To make sure you can find what you’re looking for we’ve added a new sites browser with a few handy filters, and there’s more coming soon!

PlayAirsoft filters modal

Map optimisations

Browsing the map for interesting sites got a little better. We’ve added scroll zoom and increased the level of zoom overall, so you can find exactly where a given site is located. In addition, our map has now a dedicated page and thanks to this small change offers a more immersive experience, especially on smaller screens.

Location pages

We’ve revamped the layout of airsoft location pages, focusing on surfacing the most important information first. The map is now a static image to speed up loading the page, and we’ve added some new attributes, such as pyros, bio BBs, and energy limits. Not all sites do have this information available, and we’ll update them when/if we can.

Playairsoft airsoft location page showcase

Performance improvements

You may have noticed that our homepage loads noticeably faster. That’s thanks to our little gremlins who fetch content between servers. We use fewer of them, since the homepage map is now a static image that serves as a gateway to the Map page. We’re still a long way from having a superfast website, so expect more optimisations in the future.

Second issue of The Armoury newsletter

We’ve sent out the second issue of The Armoury to our subscribers. Thanks to everyone who signed up and we hope you enjoyed the content. We’re taking feedback, so feel free to shoot us an email: In case you missed it, you can see all past issues in the archive.

PlayAirsoft is still a long way from being done, and we’re hoping you like the new updates!