National Airsoft Festival 2021 is going ahead as planned

Last year we weren’t given the opportunity to attend National Airsoft Festival 2020 due to coronavirus outbreak. Luckily, this year NAF is back on our calendar and we’re getting ready for deployment into an action-packed weekend of fun.

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The year 2020 was a strange one for many reasons, but to us, here at PlayAirsoft, there was a glimmer of hope that we held on to: the Summer Bank Holiday weekend near Bournemouth, where close to 4,000 people would have gotten together to have special kind of fun: socialise and shoot the living hell out of each other with plastic pellets.

And then NAF2020 was cancelled.

It’s quite an impact on one’s morale, but after a year of waiting in anticipation till the last moment Ground Zero (organisers) have finally confirmed that NAF 2021 is going to happen. People from all over UK stormed the event website to book themselves in. With only 4,000 spots to fill, we’ve barely managed to do it in just a few days since the event bookings became open to the public.

Personally, we expect great food, chilled beer, awesome atmosphere and incredible people to share these moments with. After all they don’t say “NAF is 20% shooting and 80% social” for nothing!

Our plan is to provide casual coverage of National Airsoft Festival 2021 as it happens, sharing photos, videos and commentary as we go on our Twitter. Tune in for a weekend of socialising, proper camping and playing airsoft in the vast woodland.

NAF is held each year at the Ground Zero Airsoft site, near Ringwood in the South West of England, approximately 20 miles north from Bournemouth. This year, it will take place 27–30 August, 2021. To learn more about the event itself and book your tickets (if there are any left), go to the event official website.

Ground Zero Airsoft location

Have you attended NAF before? How was it for you? What do you expect this year? What did you miss before? Let us know!.