How to properly fill up green gas mags

Should you hold the gas bottle straight up or upside down? How long should you fill up your mags for? Many shorter bursts or one long fill-up? This video guide from Abbey should end any speculation once and for all.

2 min read

Questions about the use of green gas are what drives a lot of people nuts about playing with gas-powered airsoft guns. The folks from Abbey have a bunch of answers grounded in science waiting for you in a short video below. For those who prefer text, we’ve got you covered. Skip the video and read on!

1. Hold your gas bottle upside down

The reason for this is simple physics: gas is store in liquid state and we want it to draw into the magazine.

2. Press it down into the mag and hold it for about 10 seconds

You won’t be able to load a gas mag all in one shot. The gas needs to settle inside the gas chamber. Press the nozzle firmly in a straight position and hold it for about 10 seconds.

3. Repeat until full

Wait a few seconds for gas to settle inside the mag, then repeat the process until your magazine is full, at which point it will start spewing a little gas around.

That’s it! We hope this helped dispel any inaccuracies acquired from various sources, online and offline.