GI Weekender by Gunman Airsoft (28–29/08)

With nationwide restrictions lifted there are more and more all-weekend events popping up on our radar. This time, it’s a GI Weekender hosted by Gunman Airsoft on 28–29 August at Westwood Equestrian Centre in Hertfordshire.

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GI Weekender is not your typical two-day skirmish with camping. It’s a proper story-based film-sim event, driving objectives and action, with players having to adhere to loadouts based on their chosen faction and class. Players will be expected to “buy into” the story and play our their chosen class during the course of the event.

Organisers say there will be no fixed breaks during play, so players are advised to bring their own supplies to their in-game HQs, in order to reduce treks back-and-forth between game zone and safe zone during play.

The site will be open to campers from 1200 hrs on Friday (27/08) till the following Monday (30/08), absolutely free of charge.

Gunman Airsoft Hertforshire Site Location

For more information and booking options visit Gunman Airsoft event page, which contains full story for the event, as well as important information for players.