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PlayAirsoft Autumn Update

This is probably the biggest update we’ve done so far. It’s packed with bug fixes, features such as *site filters* and improvements to your overall browsing experience.

2 min read


New date selected for National Airsoft Festival 2022

Ground Zero have confirmed that NAF2022 is slated again for the Summer Bank Holiday weekend (26–28 of August 2022).

1 min read


How to properly fill up green gas mags

Should you hold the gas bottle straight up or upside down? How long should you fill up your mags for? Many shorter bursts or one long fill-up? This video guide from Abbey should end any speculation once and for all.

2 min read


GI Weekender by Gunman Airsoft (28–29/08)

With nationwide restrictions lifted there are more and more all-weekend events popping up on our radar. This time, it’s a GI Weekender hosted by Gunman Airsoft on 28–29 August at Westwood Equestrian Centre in Hertfordshire.

1 min read


Essentials to pack for a multi day airsoft event

In this post we’ll show you the absolute minimum we bring each year for three nights of wild camping at National Airsoft Festival.

7 min read
The Citadel Fortifications, Dover, Kent


Airsoft International to host airsoft events in the historic fortifications in Dover, Kent

New owners of the historic Dover fortifications who are currently redeveloping the site have allowed Airsoft International to organise at least two Airsoft events in the venue.

1 min read

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