Bring players to the game

Our mission

Bring players to the game

We think the way airsoft games are managed and organised in the UK are a mess. So, we're working with our community to create better tools and share knowledge, making sure everyone has a blast playing their favourite game.

Why bother?

We’ve done our research: airsofters hate browsing outdated websites and Facebook pages that lack in basic information. Instead of sobbing in resignation, we decided to build our own source of truth, now listing over 100 airsoft sites across the England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.

What’s the problem?

According to our community, the most difficult part of preparing for an airsoft skirmish is having to spend time researching the site you wanna go to. Miss one important piece of intel and you risk having a so-so day. That’s the last thing anybody wants. We know the pain, because we’ve been there.

You can look through abandoned Facebook pages, follow broken links or find yourself needing to sift through incoherent blurbs of “we’re the best airsoft in so-and-so.”

Or you can use PlayAirsoft to check most up-to-date info on where to play and what to expect. Facts, not fiction. We can’t guarantee your mates will become more agreeable, but at least you’ll give them something to chew on.

Who are you?

We are a small team of airsoft enthusiasts who believe that our beloved pastime not only deserves, but desperately needs a certain standard of service. We’re on a mission to bring this standard to all airsoft players across the country.

What’s next?

We’ll soon be publishing a more structured roadmap for PlayAirsoft, because having a database of airsoft locations is not all we’ve got planned. In the mean time, you can find us posting airsoft memes and occasionally a bunch of useful links on Twitter.

How do I get in touch?

For short enquiries DM us on Twitter. For anything longer, send us an email at